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Comfort & Ease

The Baytown Advantage

Comfort & Ease

At Baytown Dental Center, we know that a pleasant dental experience is the cornerstone of building a trust-based relationship with our patients. To ensure your comfort, we have several ways to optimize your experience with us while putting you at ease and allowing you to relax.


It’s amazing how much bliss can be achieved with a warm blanket and a comfy pillow. Don’t hesitate to request yours. We also offer sunglasses to help block out any bright lights.


We use high-strength topical gel to numb the gums before an injection, eliminating that initial pinch from the needle. This helps alleviate nervousness you may feel from the sight of a syringe.


We use a gentle pH-neutral anesthetic that closely matches the pH of the body so it can enter without causing discomfort. We also use a powerful local anesthetic that, when combined with our high-strength numbing gel, makes dental procedures painless.


Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, is perhaps the most sought-after clinical sedative because it offers an ideal experience: a painkiller that induces a euphoric feeling. When laughing gas is first administered, you’ll feel a tingling sensation in the arms and legs, followed by a warm feeling of well-being. It’s an effective option for increasing comfort because relaxation occurs quickly and the depth of sedation can be increased or decreased, which few other sedation techniques allow.

The effects of nitrous oxide wear off a few minutes after the gas supply is stopped, so if you opt for this sedation method, you should be able to drive home after the procedure.


Oral sedation is a great option for those who would like as much dentistry to be completed in fewer appointments but suffer from severe anxiety. Oral sedation is a form of conscious sedation, so you will not be completely put to sleep. However, the oral sedatives are strong and have a lasting effect, thus it is required to have a guardian escort you to and from Baytown Dental Center.