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At Baytown Dental Center we pride ourselves on hand selecting only the best materials to restore your smile. Not all filling materials are created equal; and we are not simply talking about the old “silver” fillings containing mercury vs the new tooth colored composites. Believe it or not there are hundreds of varieties of composite or natural shade materials to choose from. Thanks to the tireless effort and continued materials research of our doctors, we have found the perfect composite material to meet our demanding criteria and match your needs!

The unique composite material used at Baytown Dental Center is a BPA-Free Nano-Macro Hybrid Composite with unique Spectra matching light characteristics. Let’s break that down!

  1. BPA-Free: One of the main reasons society and science are letting go of old silver fillings is because they contain harmful chemicals such as mercury. Unfortunately, many composites may contain a harmful chemical known as Bis-Phenol A (BPA). At Baytown Dental Center our composites are BPA-Free because we don’t treat patients, we treat family.
  2. Nano-Macro Hybrid Core: The core material is what determines the characteristics of the filling. For example, a “Macro” core means it contains large particles which can be easily polished for a bright smile. A “Nano” core means it has tiny particle which allow it to be packed and condensed for extra-strength when chewing tough foods. At Baytown Dental Center we knew “Nano” and “Macro” would make a perfect couple, so we married them together for your benefit.
  3. Spectra: This is, by far, the most amazing characteristic of our natural shade filling material. We use a universal shade matching system to expertly match the shade of the filling material to your natural tooth shade. However, we did not want our hard work to fall victim to coffee, tea, juice and other daily teeth-staining hazards. So we chose a composite material which has been clinically proven to resist staining better than any other composite material.

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